Tiny house project

Pictures from The Tiny House Project
When I saw this project I just had to share it with you guys because it's so great!
The Tiny Project is a project from Alek Lisefski who was in a search for living a simpler, 
more concious life free of debts.
 This way he wants to inspire people to search for an alternative, more sustainable way of living.
That's why he created is tiny house where he lives together with his girlfriend and dog.
I love how they handled the organising and decorating of the small space. 
Every essentials you need are their, in fact we don't need anything more. This way you're also forced to 
live more outdoors, enjoying the beautiful nature our planet has to offer. 

I know I just bought a house and I love my house for sure, but sometimes I wander what I would do in another life. I image a whole other life, where I live in peace with nature in a tiny house like this, far away from materialized stuff only the essentials. And so travelling from place to place, discovering every inch of the world, but most people - just like me - just keep dreaming and do not dare to take this step.

So I just keep building on my house and hope to combine a home here in Belgium while discovering the world. And who knows maybe one day...

But for now I love seeing inspiring projects like these and I wish there where more!

Find everything about this project here:


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  1. Och zo'n lief huisje! Compact en alles wat je nodig hebt, zo'n leuk idee
    Helemaal verliefd :D